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Provides you with the ability to place a buy or sell order for the digital asset of your choice.


A graphical representation of the Market performance to help you understand the behavior of the asset/market.

Market Watch

Provides a macro understanding of the bid-ask spread and performance analysis of the digital asset.

Your Portfolio

Shows the sum total in quantity and value of digital assets stored in the user’s wallet. Effective bottom line tool.

Order Watch

Provides a detailed understanding of the Bid-Ask Spread and Buyer/Seller sentiment.

Market Performance

Provides a comprehensive view of the best / worst performing digital assets in the past 24 hours.

User Profile

Offers you the ability to look at your order history, KYC details, profile details, default settings for your account and ask for support if required.

Why trade with Belfrics

Belfrics offers institutions, professionals and traders the ability to trade a variety of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Belrium and many more on a regulated exchange.


Belfrics provides a safe environment that fosters easy trading of digital assets

High Liquidity

Order book with allows users to easily trade many digital assets with minimal slippage.

25+ cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Belrium (BEL) to name a few.

High Performance

Capable of processing 1.4 Million orders/second

How to trade on Belfrics

Take a look at our instructional videos aimed at helping you have a smooth, challenge-free experience as you trade on Belfrics.


Belfrics offers an intuitive interface with real time order books, charting tools, trade history, and a simple order process to make trading easy.


A completely safe and discreet platform to trade and/or invest in cryptocurrency.


Protect your account with a passcode to keep it completely secure even if your phone/device is stolen.

Buy & Sell

An easy way for you to buy cryptocurrency with fiat money and to convert your cryptocurrency when you so choose, into local currency worldwide.

Your Portfolio

Portfolio will reflect the real time sum value of your digital assets stored in your Belfrics wallet.

Price Chart

Keeps you updated with market trends and changes as it happens.

Superior Payment Gateway

Our Payment gateway transcends borders and geographies. It works 24/7 and comes without the chargeback hassle.

Send & Recieve 

Makes sending and receiving cryptocurrency safe, secure, fast and easy with the help of push notifications and QR Codes.


Multiple feed aggregations and deep liquidity pool ensures effective trade execution.

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